Student Scientific Conference, 27th June 2022

On 27thJune 2022, the school round of the student scientific conference was held within the framework of the project Environmental research in the indoor an doutdoor educational zone. 
The conference was officially opened with a speech by the headmistress PaedDr. Martina Mazáňová, PhD., in which she warmly welcomed all the students and introduced them to the objectives of the project.
The aim of the conference was to present students’ activities of The Enviro Day. Students competed in two categories: category I consisted of pupils aged 11 to 14 and category II was for students aged 15 and above.
The expert committee, whose members were PaedDr. Martina Mazáňová, PhD., Mgr. Andrea Gajdošová and Mgr. Katarína Kuricová evaluated students’ performances. The presentations included not only photographs, but also a demonstration of activities or a quiz for the audience. 
Our students approached the school round of the student scientific conference very responsibly and so the jury's decision-making was not easy. After the winners were announced, we said goodbye to the students and offered them a sweet reward at the end. 
We were pleased to find out that the outdoor learning during the Enviro Day brought a lot of smiles on the students' faces and determination to continue to protect our nature.